11 Tips to Control Anger

11 Tips to Control Anger

Do you fume when your child refuses to cooperate? Does your blood pressure rocket when someone doesn’t share your opinion? Anger is normal and we all experience it from time to time but it is important that you deal with it in a positive way.

1.Understand What Anger Brings

Anger can be a simple indicator that there is something bothering and should be changed but when left uncontrolled; anger can take a toll on your health and relationships. Understand that anger is a damaging, personal, emotional tool which should be your problem, not others.Getting angry over little things considerably increase your hostility and risk of having a heart attack. So make sure you state your concerns and opinions clearly and directly without hurting or trying to control them.

2.Identify the Triggers

Take a moment to think about the kind of situations, people and events that trigger your anger. Try to avoid conversation topics that always end in arguments, like politics and sports. The trigger can also be caused by inanimate objects like the weather.

3.Avoid Them

Once you are aware of your triggers, try to avoid them by all means. If you can’t help it, anticipate them and give yourself more time to prepare on how you will handle them so that they won’t affect you negatively. Never use anger to threaten anyone, especially your children.

4.Breathe and Relax

It is difficult to think clearly when you have a million thoughts running through your mind because of anger. Relax and take deep breaths to physically calm down. The goal is to help your mind get used to coping with rage. Engage in activities that will keep your mind distracted. You can consider taking a walk, a bath or a nap.

5.Try Some Exercise/Meditation

When you get really angry, walk away from the source.  Engaging in mental/physical activities that will keep your mind distracted is something that should make you calm and relieved in no time. Take a ten-minute walk or ride your bike to get some fresh air into your lungs will also help you lose weight and keep you looking fit.You can also engage in yoga and meditation for a perfect balance of body and mind.

6.Laugh It Off

When you are dealing with your family or friends, find a way to make them laugh. You can try dancing, crack some jokes or playing silly games. Do something that is lighthearted and fun for everyone together. Not only does soothe the anger but it tells everyone that you all still love each other, no matter what.

7.Get Help

You shouldn’t be going through this alone. Find an adviser or a support group around you to help you keep your anger in check. Everyone has been guided before – students have teachers, athletes have coaches, even animals look after to their kind, which helped them. You would be amazed by the amount of support and care you can get from a friend or family member.

8.Talk About It

Unload and analyze what you are angry about and why you are to a friend or family member.  Going over the situation with an unbiased observer who can help you see things from a different point of view will make it easier for you to know if the person or situation is worth the energy spent.

9.Be Forgiving

Forgiveness is an influential tool. If your anger gets the better part of you and crowds out all positive feelings, you might end up saying or doing something you might regret later and hurt your loved ones. When you forgive, it gives you and the person who made you angry a chance to learn from the situation and strengthen your relationship.

10.Identify Solutions

Instead of always concentrating on what made you angry, work on solving the problem.  Are you steaming from the traffic jam you’re stuck in? Turn up the radio and sing along to your favorite songs. Is your partner late for dinner again? Arrange to meals later in the evening or eat alone.

11.Give Yourself a Reward

Finally, give yourself a reward whenever you successfully handled the situation each time you encountered it. Treat yourself to a meal, a book, a massage or whatever makes you happy. This will make sure that you have enough control over losing control.

Above all,in my personal opinion,what you eat is what you are.Reduce the intake of non-vegetarian food and if possible be a 100% vegan which will definitely help you to control your erratic emotions.

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