11 Tips to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

11 tips to overcome fear

Fear can be a powerful barrier to overcome before we can achieve our goals. We all experience it everyday but only a few of us embrace it and confront it.Here are 11 tips that you can use to deal with and overcome fear and anxiety in no time.

1.Identify Your Fear

Fear has one aim: to keep you safe. It is not really a good or bad tool but it exists so that we can make good choices when handling a situation. One of the best ways to handle fear is by doing nothing but analyze the various options you have first before making a wise, well thought out decision.At times, knowing what you’re really afraid of can give you a massive boost in confidence and significantly reduce anxiety.

2.Educate Yourself

We are afraid of the unidentified. If your fear is based on a subject that you have very little knowledge about, get as much information on the subject as you can. Stick to facts that have been proven true by other people instead of myths and speculation. You might get a good laugh when you find out that you were afraid because you made yourself believe that you should be afraid.

3.Talk About It

Sharing your fears with others won’t make them look so scary anymore. Life is full of stresses, with ups and downs, yet we feel that our lives must be perfect to truly be happy. It is important to remember that no one is perfect and that life is complicated. Live your life the way you want to, and not how “they” want you to.

4.Get Help

You shouldn’t be going through this alone, no matter what it is you are afraid of. Find a mentor or a support group around you to help you overcome it. Everyone has a mentor – students have teachers, athletes have coaches, even animals look after to their kind, which helped them overcome their fears. You would be amazed by the amount of support and care you can get from a friend or family member.

5.Take a Timeout

It is difficult to think clearly when you have a million thoughts running through your mind because of fear. Relax and take deep breaths to physically calm down. The goal is to help your mind get used to coping with anxiety. Engage in activities that will keep your mind distracted. You can consider taking a walk or a ride on your bike to get some fresh air into your lungs.

6.Keep Yourself Motivated

There are certain things that we would never do for ourselves but wouldn’t think twice about it doing it for certain people. Surround yourself with people who will push you and help you to overcome the fears that are holding you back from achieving what you want.

7.Imagine a Happy Place

Taking a moment to close your eyes and imagine a happy place where you feel safe and calm can help reduce your fears tremendously. Let the positive feelings ease all the tension and stress until you feel relaxed. Do this everything each time you feel anxious or scared and feel the fear slowly creep out of your body.

8.Face Your Fear

Avoiding fears only makes it more terrifying. You should never run away from your fears because it becomes more difficult to overcome each time you encounter it. Try doing what others have done to overcome their fear successfully. If you are not comfortable with their methods or you feel like it isn’t helping, try adjusting their techniques to suit your needs.


Are you afraid of delivering speeches? Practice your presentation a minimum of 5 times everyday and try to get your friends or family to be your audience. If you can’t, use a mirror or a recorder. Your goal should be about making yourself confident and comfortable enough to deliver a great speech.

10.Overcome It

Our minds are often inclined to focus on the consequences of our choices and actions instead of the potential achievements and rewards. To help deal with this negativity, write a list of the things you stand to gain if you finally overcame your fear and work towards making it happen.

11.Give Yourself a Reward

Finally, give yourself a reward whenever you successfully overcome each time you encountered it. When you give your audience an amazing speech at a public speaking, treat yourself to a meal, a book, a massage or whatever makes you happy.


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