11 Ways to Stay Happy and Make Others Happy

11 Ways to Stay Happy and Make Others Happy

One of the best ways to live a happy life is to make others happy. Why? Your mood improves when you see a person’s face light up with joy and your self esteem increases because you’re doing a good thing.Learn how you can make anyone happier today by following these 11 simple tips:

1. Do Something Nice Everyday

Holding the doors open, letting someone into your lane while you’re driving, encouraging people when they feel depressed or sad are great ways to put a smile on people’s faces. Making others happy is one of the best ways to have a great day yourself and it helps to reduce the stress and tension of a hectic day and can brighten the world around you quickly.

2. Be a Great Listener

When someone is talking, we often think we’re listening but we’re not. To really listen, you need to understand what the person is saying and engage in the conversation to let him or her know that you really care about what they have to say.

3. Smile

The easiest way to make someone feel happier is to make them smile. Smiles are infectious and smiling at them first will make them feel compelled to smile back. Smiling is a powerful tool that you can use to make yourself happier and improve your mood when you feel that you need a boost.

4. Make Them Laugh

Tell a joke or share a funny video you found online. You can also try some silly dancing moves or show them pictures of funny moments that you experienced or play fun games. Laughing is contagious so you only have to make one person laugh and soon, the room would be filled with laughter.

5. Offer Compliments

Most positive things have a tendency of going unsaid. Give a nice compliment if you like something you see, especially when it is something that is special to the other person or something that he/she has been putting good effort and time into.It is extremely important that you offer honest compliments or they will think you are teasing them.

6. Give Them a Hug

One little hug can go a long way. When you have no idea of what they are going through, this simple action is enough to ease the person surprisingly in seconds. However, you should do so only if the situation is appropriate.

7. Spend Time with Them

Spending time with family and friends makes a big impact when it comes to happiness. Spending time with them creates memorable experiences and makes you a better person. Create time for outings and coffee dates with your friends to talk about new interests and catch up on a few stories.

8. Share

When people need to vent out their anger or express their feelings, all they need from you is a listening ear and undivided attention. Allowing someone to share their feelings with you will help strengthen your relationship and bond.Be sure to offer them a shoulder to cry on and give good advice when they need it.

9. Be Positive

It doesn’t matter if you are going to a business meeting or just having coffee with your friends, you should always be optimistic about everything. Adding positivity to every conversation you have can really change things around and considerably improve the mood of everyone present around you.

10. Surprise Them

Getting a special gift for someone for no particular reason other than to make the person smile is a great way to brighten someone’s day in seconds. Cook food and offer or take them out to have a good time and they will love you for it.

11. Say Thank You

Saying thank you for the things you usually take for granted won’t cost anything. People like to be appreciated once in while and you can express your appreciation for their work by recognizing the efforts they put into it, through a passing gesture of politeness or a special gift.

In the long run, you will be treated by others as you treat them. Let’s try our best to make everyone around us happy and create a better world!.

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