11 Ways to Stay Motivated and Motivate Others

11 Ways to Motivate Others

If you want to successfully lead a group of people, you must learn how to motivate them first. When you make sure that a person is recognized, appreciated and acknowledged, they would be able to perform and complete tasks and projects they would consider difficult at first.Here is a list of 11 strategies to inspire and motivate others easily and effectively:

1. Find Out Where the Motivation Comes From

Before you can motivate others, you need to stop trying to control people directly. Motivation always come from within others and not from you but you have to choose to be the cause of motivation and not the effect.Most people usually find themselves thinking about what is happening to them instead of what they are about to cause to happen. When other people see you as a cause instead of an effect, it won’t be difficult to teach them how to think the same way and be motivated.

2. Master and Practice Self Discipline

A powerful tool that everyone actually has but only few people tend to practice is self discipline. Everyone has everything it takes to be successful but it is up to you and them to believe that you can learn to develop, master and use self-discipline.If the person you lead truly understands what self- discipline is and how to effectively use it, then they can accomplish any goal they aim to achieve easily.

3. Communicate and Be Selective

When you don’t talk to people, it can be difficult to motivate them. Whenever you feel that you and others are not living up to your expectations, stop doing whatever isn’t working and take a timeout to decide what the right things are and how you can go about doing them.People say they can “multitask” efficiently but they only end up doing the wrong things first and failing to complete it before moving on to the next task, repeating the same mistake all over again. People feel most relaxed when they are focused on completing projects with the highest priority first, and have a great time while at it.

4. Be a Leader

You will motivate and inspire others when you do what you would like them to do yourself. People would rather be inspired than corrected and motivation changes their attitude deeply and completely.If you want them to be more optimistic, be an optimist first. If you want them to be proud of their achievements, be proud of yours first. Show them how it’s done and they would naturally follow suit.

5. Carry Out Experiments

People are not always willing to accept and make changes when you need them to but they love to experiment and experimentation never fails to captivate them. When you try something new and it turns out to be a failure, you learn something new, even if it was a bad idea. You can then choose to continue and try to make it work or stop it and think of better ideas.If it works, you continue with the experiment, trying to make it better each time. Trying experiments will melt away the resistance to change especially when you had a good time doing it.

6. Don’t Forget To Relax and Breathe

Whenever you get nervous or tense, your performance rate drops. The more you try to work harder to improve it, the more it tends to drop. What most people fail to realize is that they are usually at their peak of relaxation during optimal performance.Don’t forget to breathe when you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Taking in deep breaths gives you the chance to remain relaxed and allows you to put in as much energy as you can towards completing your goal.

7. Know Your Goals

Without goals, you will end up doing the wrong things all the time. This can lead to fights and emotional upsets with yourself and other people around you. Your job as a motivator should be to create a goal of who you want to be in the next 5 years, a plan of how you would make it happen and then working on them to make it a reality.

8. Make It Happen

You will face a lot of challenges that might seem impossible to overcome but you must learn to.never give up. When people fail to achieve their goals, they get hurt, depressed and angry.Make them see that failure is just an outcome and not the end. It is not good or bad, just neutral. Make them see that it can only be turned into something good if you learn from your mistakes.

9. Hold On To Your Principles

Be a leader that makes clear, smart decisions about where, how and what you spend your time doing. People always admire others who have strong beliefs and stick by them no matter what, even if they have to meet up with a deadline or make a difficult decision.As a motivator, you can choose to be liked by people or earn their respect. Respect is always stronger and if their respect for you runs deep enough, you might even end up being loved by them.

10. Be an Optimist

Optimism is the heart and soul of leadership. Instead of focusing on your fears and dislikes, focus on opportunities and possibilities to be gained. You must learn how to be fearless when confronting and understanding the problems you face. And once a problem is fully understood, you should face the opportunity and possibility of solving them and coming up with better ideas.

11. Let People See You Change and Grow

Nothing inspires and motivates people as much as watching someone else change for the better. When you offer yourself up as a role model for personal change by learning and mastering a new skill, you’ll motivate people faster than anything else you can do.

It is always inspiring and exciting for people to witness the change and growth in your life and career, and now you know exactly how you can make it happen.

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