5 Best Addictive Mobile Games

5 Best Addictive Mobile Games

Smartphones are one of the most powerful gaming machines today. Maybe these aren’t as powerful as game consoles in raw graphics and processing, yet in the entertainment it can offer, mobile devices consider going toe-to-toe. There are numerous games on such platforms that are impossible to ignore in which you cannot resist playing one more round.
Regardless of the platform you are rocking on the go, below are the 5 best addictive mobile games you can download on Google Play Store and iTunes.

1.Asphalt 8: Airborne

For those who are racing fans, there is no need to look further. Asphalt 8 offers about 140 speed machines including McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, among others. It also brings intense graphics, providing an arcade gameplay experience. The users may also indulge in the multiplayer racing and get a chance to access some unique game modes, car collections, and car mystery challenges. Asphalt 8: Airborne has already millions of downloads worldwide.

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2.Pokemon Go

The first frenzy over catching them all cooled somewhat, yet Pokemon Go is still a hit for the fans of this franchise. The cultural phenomenon of the big crowds converging at the local landmarks to catch a rare one was one of the unforgettable moments that brought the world of gaming together. Expect to get back to hardcore monster hunt once the weather warms up.

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3.Clash Royale

It’s one of the most popular and addicting mobile games these days. It is also a PvP game online. It only means that there’s almost always somebody to play with. This one is basically a dueling game where you can collect cards and use them in battles. You may also create your decks, earn some new cards, and fight people anytime and anywhere you like to. You may also form clans with some players, engage in a private duel, and share cards. It is absolutely one of the addicting games that will get you going.

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4.Five Night at Freddy’s

This mobile game is considered as one of the most famous paid games in the world of mobbing gaming. The series of this game differs between releases, yet they all follow the same premise. You will be roaming around a building and if you aren’t careful, you might jump by the terrifying robots. This game has also a deep story for those who want to figure it out. There are some games in the series and these are available at affordable cost without any in-app purchases. They are some quick plays, which will take lots of tries to get this right. It is always tough to put this game down until you are done with it.

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5.Temple Run

It is available for all Android and iOS users and it’s basically a sequel to the game, which took the world by storm. Temple Run, as its name implies, revolves around non-stop running adventure that involves jumping, sliding, and much more. Temple Run 2 takes pride from having new obstacles and graphics. It also has more achievements and powerups.

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