5 Tips to Cure Headache Without Taking Medicine

5 Tips to Cure Headache Without Taking Medicine

If you ever had those headaches that can make you stop your activities, you know all too well that sometimes, medicines and painkillers just don’t do the trick. This is not to mention that many people are really adamant with loading their body with things that they don’t even know where these were made of. If you don’t want to make your pain worse, and to deal with it in the most natural way, here are 5 tips to cure headache without taking medicine.

1.Drink Coffee

This is a great trick that works pretty well most of the time, as long as you are not a heavy drinker. Coffee works pretty much the same with some types of headache medications right now. In fact, there are painkillers which already make use of caffeine for an added effect. Migraines and throbbing headaches are the result of swelling of tiny vessels in your brain, and this can be reduced with the help of caffeine.

2.Drink Water

This is a necessity, and a trick for addressing headaches as well. Some say that it is actually the glass of water which fixes the headache and not the painkiller itself. Adequate hydration is the key to fight off headaches. It is best to drink as much as you can to avoid headaches from settling in. It’s always recommended to take at least 2 litres of water per day to maintain a healthy body.

3.Try Peppermint Oil Steam

Inhaling steam from a boiling pot of water or vaporizer mixed in with some peppermint oil helps sooth the pain of sinus and tension headaches. Although this might not an ideal cure for migraines, this works like a charm for other forms of headaches. Put an ice pack on your neck while you inhale the steam. You can also add some oil drops to your bath or shower.

4.Ice Pack on the Neck and Feet in the Tub Trick

This particular trick to cure headaches is all about letting your head cool down and drawing the pulsating blood away from the swollen vessels. All you need to do is fill the bottom of a bucket or tub with warm water, sit on the edge of your tub with both your hands and feet in the water, and with an ice pack on the back of your neck. This particular method doesn’t only cure throbbing headaches as it also has a long lasting effect.

5.Indulge in Epsom Salt Bath

Fill the tub with warm water. Read the label before you add an extra large amount of Epsom salt to the water, then soak there for 15 minutes. If you have a tension related headache, it can ease away your stress and soften the muscles at the same time. For an added effect, you can also have your neck rest on a not too cold padded ice pack while you soak. This can help in drawing the blood from your head.

Headaches can be very troublesome, but drinking medications that don’t work make things worse. The next time you feel the pain kicking in, try any of these 5 tips to cure headache without taking medicine and see the difference they can make.


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