5 Ways to Keep a Baby Entertained

5 Ways to Keep a Baby Entertained

Cooing and cuddling your baby will be entertaining for you, yet what is entertaining for your little angel? If you realized that the sensory system of your baby is still developing, you will be able to give your baby with hours of entertainment with the use of some ordinary household items. Here are 5 ways to keep a baby entertained:

1.Some Interesting Things to Look At

Keeping mobiles and toys with contrasting colors would help keep the attention of your baby and stimulate his/her sense of vision. The contrasting patterns, brightly colored photos, and the things that move are entertaining for babies to look at.

You have to take note that the visual sense of the baby is still developing and he/she can focus on the things eight to twelve inches from face. Their vision will also be blurry. You may also hold an object in front of the face of your baby and move it back and forth slowly. Babies also love looking at themselves, so you may give a mirror for the baby to see their own reflection. Your face can also be an interesting object for your baby.

2.Sing a Song with Your Baby

Your voice can be the most soothing sound for your baby. The infants and babies love repetition as well, so making some musical sounds will be entertaining. For instance, repeat the name of your baby in a great voice, pitching your voice high and low.

3.Look for a Noisemaker

Majority of babies like to explore sounds. For instance, get some plastic keys and jingle them in front of your baby. Babies are entertained easily by something like this. If you cannot find some set of keys, try toys that rattle or shake. Some noisemakers include maracas, plastic rattles or homemade rattles, which you make out of Tupperware container that’s filled with dried beans or rice. See to it that your container is tightly closed to avoid choking hazards. Let your baby close his/her fingers around the rattle and will start to connect body motion with rattling sound.

4.Encourage Your Baby to Play with Foods

If a child is around six months old, you could try playing with foods. Foods may be an entertaining activity even when not at the meal times. Place your baby in a high chair with the secure tray. You would want to stay close by, yet a high chair would give a safe place for your little angel to be while she entertains herself. For instance, put some spoonfuls of yogurt directly on a high chair tray and it will make your baby enjoy doing some finger painting.

5.Wiggle the Limbs of Your Baby

A baby is entertained by his own body once you help him. Try laying your baby on his back and consider helping him clap his hands gently. You may also hold his feet and let him pedal back and forth as if he is riding a bike.


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