7 Best Games to Play When You are Alone

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Even in this era of digital games, board games and card games have not lost their charm. Whether you are looking to play board games on your own or whether you’re looking to play with your family and friends, there are quite a few options. I would today share with you some of the board gaming ideas which you can opt for when you’re alone.


Friday is a board game. The unique thing about this game is that it is designed only for a single player. The game is based on the premise that you are helping protagonist Robinson survival against many different obstacles after reaching your private desolate island.

2.The Game

This card game throws different mathematical as well as logic-based problems in front of you to solve. The total number of cards is 98. You can either play solo or you can bring in your friends as well.

3.Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror as well as Eldritch Horror are 2 different games from the same publisher which are fantasy flight games. These games are very similar to each other. Your role is that of an investigator in the game. You have to protect the world from monsters that are destroying it. In doing so, you have to use your characteristics as well as skills and other stats in order to reach your goal.

4.Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

If you like role-playing games, Pathfinder Adventure is the perfect offline card game for you. On each and every card, there is a character which is displayed using which you have to go through the entire model. The model would change depending on the character which you get.

5.Legendary Encounters

Legendary Encounters are actually based on the Alien franchise of movies. You have to build your deck of cards in order to fight off monster creatures.

6.Mage Knight

Mage Knight is similar to the tower defense games on the smartphones. You have to build your own armies and you have to fight off enemies as well. You have to keep on increasing your power and leadership skills in order to fight off the enemies.

7.Hostage Negotiator

Hostage Negotiator is a game based on the premise that you are an investigator or a negotiator. Depending on the cards which you get as well as the roll of the dice, you would come across different criminal characters. You have to not only take care of the demands of the characters but also converse with them in order to release the hostages.

So, if you’re looking for some interesting board as well as card games which you can play on a solo basis, these are the 7 options which you should definitely look into.



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