7 Tips to Tie a Tie


how to tie a tie

A tie is one of those wardrobe staples that can make a good positive impression to other people at an important event.Now,the big question: how to tie a tie ?.If it is the first time that you will be putting one on yourself, the mere thought of it can be quite intimidating that you might end up thinking of doing away with it altogether, or you might ask someone else to do job for you.

There are actually several different ways of wearing a tie according to the occasion and the outfit you chose to wear. With a bit of practice, you will surely learn how to tie a tie that looks professional, polished, and completely suave.


Read the following 7 tips to tie a tie:

1.Go for a Simple Tying Method

The very first tip is for you to start from the very beginning, which means opting for a simple method of tying. Your best choice here is the Four in Hand tying method because this is an easy and simple one. Aside from being simple, this particular method is also the most famous one, not to mention that it looks great. Once you learned the tying method, you will be surprised to know that all methods are actually the same, with many of them having the same ending.

2.Get into the Proper Starting Position

Your starting position is going to determine the tie’s length after you are done tying, making it an important step. Knotting too low or too high can make the narrow end extend under the tie or make the necktie a tad too long. An ideal way of getting it right is to try several times first until you get it right.

3.Tie the Knot a Bit Far from the Neck

Doing the knot at a good distance from your neck will let you have better eye contact with it and more space for tying the knot. By now, it will be simpler for you to knot the tie. You will be surprised how easier it is for your hands. Doing this can also help you get a much better control while tying.

4.Don’t Release Until You Tighten

You might distort the knot if you will release your hand from it while tying, and you might end up starting all over again. Make sure you don’t remove your hand from the knot until you get to the tightening part.

5.Check for Wrinkles

Before you tighten, see to it that the necktie doesn’t have any wrinkles anywhere in the knot.

6.Get the Right Size

Tighten your necktie until you reach the right size. Check that you don’t go beyond it.

7.Tighten Properly

This is by far the most important part of tying a tie, and it is also where most things often go wrong. Make sure that you pay extra attention to this step by following the above tips.

Tying a tie for the very first time is no doubt one of the most frustrating things you will ever face, especially since it seems really hard to get it done properly. But, with a bit of practice, it will surely be easier and simpler for you.

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