7 Tips to Plan a Vacation On a Low Budget

7 tips to plan a vacation on a low budget

Your kid’s holidays are approaching? Looking to break-free your mundane work-life? Or just simply looking out for a romantic break with your partner?.The first and foremost thing that restricts any traveler is the budget. But, No worries! Here I can assist as to how one can keep the money factor under control while planning your vacation.From money saving strategies to grabbing of great deals, I shall accustom you to make your vacation fit your wallet.Here, I shall jot down 7 tips to use for a vacation planning on a low budget.

1.Start with some research

The basic step in trip planning is, to begin with, researching, which range from destinations to discounts on airfare and accommodations. And if planning to visit overseas,it is advisable to shortlist destinations of good exchange rates. Study all possible options and go ahead with your planning.

2.Weather Conditions

Since planning a trip within budget, shortlist your destination as per the seasons. For example, a rainy season on a beach dominated destination can bring in good deals and discounts on food and lodging to the mode of travel. Hence narrow down your travel destination of the date of travel in accordance with holiday calendar to avoid on season timings for a good bargain on your whole trip.

3.Keep an eye for deals

When you have shortlisted your destinations and time of travel, start to keep track of available discounts on airfare and accommodations. Here is where your travel aggregation sites come in handy to give you an overview of all possible deals and lowest possible pricing. Always remember to get over with your bookings way ahead of the trip to definitely capture a good deal.

4.Longer the trip, the better it is!

Another golden rule for trip planning is to make your destination as the primary and try to cover as much as nearby places to make the most of the one-time investment on your family trip. Hence make it of longer days to cover more, yet not burn a hole in your pocket.

5.Food budget equals some savings

The budget to be allotted for spending on food is flexible and hence can be saved as much as possible. If there is an option to cook your own meal,definitely opt it! However,if possible choose street food over fine dining in restaurants.

6.Travelling in a group is recommended

Another cost-optimized way to plan your trip is to travel in groups or take advantage of holiday packages. This will ensure to get your budget shared but would double your enjoyment. Hence next time while planning for a trip, think of bringing along some friends!

7.Select homestays over hotels

While making the choice of accommodation,look for homestays over hotel rooms to get it within one’s budget.Since homestay provides local home accommodation,it adds authenticity to your travel experience.

Hope these few tips would assist you in eliminating the pinch to your pocket every time you are planning your dream holiday!!


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