Prevent Cancer: 20 Best Ways

Prevent Cancer

Cancer is not a disease.It’s a body condition which arises when abnormal cells regenerate and destroy body tissues.It’s basically a lifestyle-borne illness.Cancer cells can grow on any part of our body and the following are the major types: 

  • Leukemia(blood cancer)

  • Breast cancer(in women)

  • Prostate cancer(in men)

  • Skin cancer(Type 1-Basal cell cancer     Type 2-Melanoma)

  • Colon cancer(affects digestive tract/rectum)

  • Lung cancer(affects lungs)

  • Lymphoma(affects lymphatic system)

Here are the 20 best ways to prevent cancer: 

1.Avoid Sugar (Most Important)

If you avoid sugar,the cancer cells can’t grow and can be completely controlled by our body itself.So better stay away from sweets and soft drinks.

2.Avoid Processed Meat/Red Meat

It’s found that processed meat and red meat like beef,pork and lamb causes some types of cancers such as colon cancer,prostate cancer and lung cancer.

3.Avoid Tapioca Fried in Oil/Tapioca Chips

Studies have found that when tapioca is fried in oil,it generates an enzyme which helps the growth of cancer cells.

4.Avoid Use of Aluminium Vessels in Kitchen

Aluminium generates harmful oxides when heated.When we use aluminium vessels to boil water or oil,these harmful oxides may get dissolved in the food and reaches our stomach which can cause various types of cancer.

5.Reduce Consumption of Fried Foods

Avoid oily/fried foods which can cause colon cancer.

6.Avoid Second Time Usage of Oils for Cooking

When we repeatedly use the same oil for frying,it turns black due to the formation of certain carcinogenic substances like benzpyrene which may lead to cancer.

7.Avoid Salt Preserved Foods

Consuming salt above a certain level has been proved to induce stomach cancer.So better avoid salty foods.

8.Reduce Intake of White Flour(Maida)

Consuming white flour(also called as ‘white poison’) regularly may lead to constipation and eventually to colon cancer.

9.Limit Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol consumption may lead to cancer associated with mouth,colon and liver.

10.Avoid Tobacco (Smoking & Chewing)

Quit smoking and chewing tobacco to avoid risk of getting cancer.

11.Be Lean.Avoid Obesity

Maintain a healthy weight.Obese people are more prone to cancer.

12.Avoid Pesticide Grown Vegetables and Fruits.Go for Organic

Pesticide particles has been proved to cause various types of cancer.So better opt for organically grown vegetables and fruits.

13.Wash Vegetables Thoroughly Before Cooking

Dip vegetables in water mixed with 2-3 table spoons of turmeric powder for 30 minutes before cooking.Alternatively you can use vinegar to wash.This is to remove pesticides.

14.Drink Plenty of Water

Drink sufficient amount of water(atleast 2 litres) per day to remove toxins from body and to hydrate to avoid risks of colon cancer and skin cancer.

15.Do Regular Exercises/Yoga

Doing regular exercises/yoga for atleast 30 minutes a day improves blood circulation which in turn reduces the risk of cancer.

16.Consume Virgin Coconut Oil

Consuming 2 teaspoons of virgin coconut oil everyday before going to bed improves cholesterol levels and helps in maintaining body weight and skin health.

17.Drink Lemon Juice

Consume one full lemon juice with luke warm water every morning on empty stomach to improve overall body health especially digestive system.

18.Consume Turmeric Powder

Consuming a tablespoon of turmeric everyday on empty stomach will cleanse your body thus preventing the formation of cancerous cells.

19.Eat Holy Basil/Tulsi Leaves

Chew 4-5 Holy basil/Tulsi leaves everyday to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

20.Timely Food and Adequate Sleep

Don’t skip your meals.Have food on time and get adequate sleep for atleast 7 hours per day to prevent body conditions which support the growth of cancer cells.

In short,avoid-sugar,smoking,obesity and processed meat.The best remedy is to drink lemon juice with water on empty stomach everyday morning.Let’s work together and take this message to everyone so that we can have a cancer-free society.

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