11 Best Ways To Remove Black Magic

remove black magic

By nature, humans have two sides; divine and evil being. However, all humans have different proportion of divine and evil inside them. Many have surrendered themselves to their evil being and have chosen to dwell in darkness. Using supernatural powers for selfish purposes is referred to as black magic. It is used to harm other people by performing rituals and controlling the spirits. This practice has ruined a lot of lives and many are curious how to remove black magic and its effects. Check out the following for some tips.

1.Burn Uncrossing Incense

One way to remove bad spirit and negative energy, bundle mug wort, wormwood, and vetiver with a string. Burn these herbs to create an uncrossing effect in order to break the spell. The curse will be removed once the bundle burns.

2.Use an Amulet

Keeping an amulet in your pocket or wearing it in your neck can protect you from curses, spells, and bad energies. The amulet will make the effects of the black magic weak until they will no longer harm you.

3.Use Positive Energy

If you are surrounded by negative energy, the black magic becomes powerful. To reduce its power and effects, you must use positive energy such as laughter. When removing black magic effects through laughing, there’s no need for you to conduct any ritual or spell.

4.Consult an Expert

If you think a spell has been cast on you, you must consult an expert. The black magician knows the most effective way to remove the spell on you. A spiritual healer can also help you remove it by conducting rituals. Ask for your religious leader for guidance and prayer. If you want to get checked by a psychiatrist, it will also be helpful. Doing meditation and hypnosis that bring positive energy is also a good way to heal.

5.Herbs and Salt

Taking a ritual bath can clean you from black magic. Fill your bathtub with warm water and light a candle. Add a pinch of salt, hyssop, vetiver, wormwood, patchouli, and basil. These herbs contain high cleansing substances. While you relax in the solution, think only happy and positive thoughts.


Keeping charcoal beside you when you sleep is a good way to remove black magic effects. Three pieces is enough to absorb the bad and negative energies. If you do this, you will get a good sleep.

7.Wear OM Pendant

Regarded as a sacred symbol, OM pendant is also considered as the primal sound of the universe, and it connects to higher state of awareness. This pendant has cleansing powers against black magic. For a faster recovery from the spell, you can chant the OM mantra while you wear it.

8.Read Holy Books

Reading holy books create positive energy. It acts as your shield if you continuously read it. Visiting holy places is also good because it make strong vibrations which keep negative energy away from you.

9.Mirror Energy Spell

This spell gives back the spell to the one who casted it. Through the night, leave a flamed black candle in front of your mirror. Color black absorbs negative energy and the mirror will bring back the magic to where it came from. Cleanse the mirror with salt or incense before putting away the candle.

10.Wax Paper Spell

In doing this, you need wax paper. On it, write down the name of the person who casted the spell. Place three tablespoons of salt on the paper, fold it, and tie with string. Make it a pendant. Wear it for three consecutive days and nights. Take away the salt with water on the following day, and burn the string and the paper. You have to wear an amulet for nine days. After the nine days, you will be free of spell.


Among all things, the Rose contains the most substantial positive energy, which means they are purifying. To use this procedure as a cure, you need a warm bath. Put white petals from twelve roses and a 1/4 cup of rose water. For forty minutes, you must soak your body. After you finish bathing, place four drops of rose essence beneath your tongue. Before you sleep, put another four drops. For twenty days, put two drops of rose essence beneath your tongue before you go to bed. This will remove the black magic.

Black magic is a scary thing that can sometimes ruin the lives of people. The things mentioned above are some of the best ways to remove the effects of black magic. Every person has their own beliefs, and it’s up to you to choose which method is the most suitable one for you. After all, there’s no harm in trying.

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