11 Tips to Propose a Boy

propose a boy

If you like to level up your relationship, you may ask your boyfriend if he likes to get married. Plan for a romantic proposal if you think marriage is a possibility. Think of the basics and pick a time and place to ask. Keep your proposal a secret and once the day comes, ask the question.If you want your proposal to be successful, you can consider these ways to propose to a boy:

1.Figure out his dream marriage proposal and make that scene into a reality. Purchase a ring or some gifts before you get down on your knees.

2.Add a twist on your boyfriend’s preferences. Think of what your boyfriend would like in terms of proposals. Try honoring his wishes, yet provide some twists. This would keep the surprise. You may also add something extra to the dream proposal of your boyfriend.

3.Choose a location. Think of where you like to propose to your boyfriend. Think of the place that your boyfriend likes and search for a place that is meaningful and special for the both of you. You may define your boyfriend in a few words like philosopher, traveler or romantic. This will help you narrow down the options to determine the best place for your proposal.

4.Right time is important. Think of the most important dates of your lives. You may choose the date that is significant for both of you. For instance, propose to him on your anniversary or during his birthday.

5.Determine whether he wants a ring or something else. Have you ever wondered if your boyfriend would consider an engagement ring? Several modern proposals don’t use a ring, yet if you think your boyfriend would want one, you may find something in his size.



6.Consider the feelings of your boyfriend on tradition. Men usually propose to women with diamond rings. If you are a woman proposing to your boyfriend, you are breaking the tradition. So, think on how your boyfriend cares about the tradition.

7.Think on how you can adjust the custom as required. Engagement follows traditional narratives. Think of how you could alter customs to make things work for both of you.

8.Prepare for the different reactions. In proposals, there would be numerous reactions. But, with non-traditional proposals, you might find reactions more varied. So, prepare yourself for such comments.

9.Set the scene. Discuss your ideas to your friends and make sure that you haven’t overlooked anything.

10.Introduce the object or ring. Look for a way on how to introduce it. You may hire the ring in your purse or pocket and lift it out once you are ready.

11.Never plan for too long. In this kind of event, the longer you plan, the more your man will suspect that’s something is going on. Shorten your planning period and ask him the question that you’ve been waiting to ask.

Proposing to a boy might not be the traditional form of marriage proposal. But, if you’re very desperate to marry the man of your dreams and you think he is also ready for marriage, you can be the one who can propose to him. Just make sure to do it right for him to say yes to your proposal.


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