11 Tips to Propose a Girl

propose a girl

You have finally found the girl of your dreams and you’re now trying to figure out on how to propose her. Well, planning is everything and once you know what you are going to say and how you will say it, the nerves would subside somewhat.Below are some of the best ways to propose a girl:

1.Just be yourself. One of the things you may do is to be yourself when proposing to your girl. If you’re a rational and calm man who is quite reserved and composed, never overdo it with your proposal. Just keep everything simple and you will be fine.

2.Make the ambiance more romantic by candlelight. It’s a popular way to propose to a girl. Yet, there are various things you may do to make this concept more special. Through lighting up candles and dimming the lights, you’re setting the stage for something that’s special.

3.Choose a special day. Most men already know how their girlfriends think about the holidays. If your girlfriend is one of them, then pick the most special day of the year.

4.Propose during a rigged movie break. It is a romantic route and quite clever. Consider editing a short movie flick to ask her the big question during a break.

5.Use good old-fashioned t-shirts. It’s another sweet and clever way to propose to your woman. You may either use old favorite t-shirts or purchase a new one and get it printed with the question that you are dying to ask her.


6.Try a picnic getaway. When it comes to marriage proposal, less is more and you’re better to not overdo it. You may take her to a nearby park to have a romantic picnic. You may also use strawberries to hide the ring. The sky is the limit for creativity.

7.Ask for permissions from her parents if you are both traditional. It’s an art that’s fading in this modern world. As a respect to her parents, ask for their permissions before you ask your girlfriend. You may also ask for permissions while you and your girlfriend is in front of her parents.

8.Determine the right time to ask the question. Right timing is also essential when proposing. You don’t want to ruin your plans just because something happened during the time you are proposing to her.

9.Location is also important. Always be careful when choosing a location as atmosphere is crucial. You may propose to her in anywhere you want, yet it would be more meaningful if it’s a beautiful or romantic place.

10.Take some time and don’t be pressured. It is vital that you break everything down step by step on how you will propose.

11.Do everything to make her say yes. If you think she’s still not yet ready for marriage, then think about if it’s the right time to ask the question or should you wait for the best time for your proposal.

Proposing to the woman of your dreams can be a thrilling experience. But, once you have succeeded with your marriage proposal, get ready for the next chapter of your life and live happily ever after like you have always dreamed of.

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