7 Best Travel Destinations for Your Vacation

Are you getting ready for your vacation but don’t know where to go? Well, there are numerous travel destinations you can consider nowadays and these are the best ones:

1. Australia

If you have not yet had a chance to experience the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, you might like to book that trip down. The coral across the Great Barrier Reef of Australia has suffered its most devastating die-off. Luckily, there are several wonderful Eco resorts aiding with the conservation efforts. Among the favorites of the tourists is Heron Island that has its own research station and ecotourism.

2. Bhutan

Whether you are still mourning the death of your favorite actor, your fellow man’s decisions at a voting booth or an ongoing violence across the globe, you could get a dose of happiness in Bhutan. Not only its mountainous Buddhist nation concentrates on happiness as a national indicator yet by some accounts is the Eco-friendliest nation in the world. As of last 2016, it’s reported to be the first carbon negative country in the world. There is countless scenery, excellent food, and culture spread across each corner of this small Himalayan country.

3. Colombia

Colombia’s tourism is gathering pace. More travelers are realizing the past reputation of the country for drugs and crime is far from the reality and the welcoming locals will ensure that you feel this too. Choose this as your travel destination and you will discover what the fuss is all about. Go to the enchanting Cartagena, buzzing Medellin or explore the lush coffee region of the country.

4. Nepal

After some devastating aftershocks and earthquakes, the tourist industry of Nepal is on the rise again. Even if many people left homeless and the daily life isn’t full back to normal, the historic landmarks of the country are slowly restored. The routes for trekking are reopening and people of Nepal are finding their feet. Spent tourist dollars would go a long way here and selecting independent homestays or grass roots tour companies will ensure that the money will end up in the local pockets. With different landscapes to the wild jungles of Nepal, it is surely one of the best travel destinations in the world.

5. Jordan

There is a reason why Jordan is the most remarkable destination in the Middle East. The Petra’s red pillars are the image, which comes to mind for most. However, the wonders of the country also include coral reefs and beaches on Read Sea, fertile hills, mountains, and Dead Sea, which is the Earth’s lowest place.

6. Romania

Romania offers multi-colored medieval cities and takes pride of the forest-clad Carpathian mountains. If you are into a great dining and nightlife, Bucharest is an exceptional capital city. The country is ideal for a road trip as the winding tracks will lead you through the beautiful wilderness landscape to the countless historic towns and mystical castles.

7. India

India is a must see place which has a rich tradition combined with geographical beauty.It’s the land of yoga,meditation,spirituality and unity in diversity.The main attractions include Kerala,Varanasi,Delhi,Tanjavur,Agra,Jaipur,Ladakh,Manali,Nainital,Coorg,Kodaikanal and more..

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