11 Best YouTube Hacks and Tricks

YouTube Hacks and Tricks

Like some social media marketers, the key to success depends on how you fully understand the channels you’re dealing with. With social videos becoming one of the ways to engage global audiences, knowing how to navigate video tools stealthily can be the major difference in making this as a viral start or getting stuck as social wallflower.

Here are some of the best YouTube hacks and tricks that you probably did not have any idea about:

1.Make Links to Jump to Another YouTube Video

Have you tried sending somebody a video yet wanted them to skip forward to a particular point? Instead of giving your viewers a time to fast-forward, you may create links that jump to a certain point in a video.

2.Watch the Safer Version of YouTube with the YouTube Kids

If you’re worried about what videos your kids have access to at your home, you will love using YouTube Kids, which you can have control on what they see with peace of mind. Compared to the standard YouTube, this kid version uses filters to weed out non-friendly content and it is free of charge.

3.See Written Transcript for Videos

YouTube generates transcripts automatically for each video made on its platform. For busy social media marketers, there are lots of ways that this function may come in handy like pulling quotes from interviews or converting video scripts to written collateral.

4.Collaborate and Share on Playlists

Adding playlists to YouTube channel is a good way to help the viewers share and find your videos. You may also use playlists when sorting videos by categories, which makes it easy and quick for fans to find videos.

5.Watch Offline and Ad-Free Videos Using YouTube Red

If you can’t stand with the ads on YouTube videos, there is a way to get rid of them and that is by using YouTube Red. But, you have to pay for a particular amount of money to make most of your experience.



6.Save YouTube Videos to Watch

If you don’t have time to watch a video yet you wanted to watch it after your work, you can save videos from YouTube. Just take advantage of its Watch Later feature.

7.Schedule Videos for Publishing Later

If you’re ready to upload some videos, yet you do not like to bombard your subscribes with updates in short windows, you may schedule videos through the use of Hootsuite.

8.Make a Live stream from YouTube

You may do webinars or presentation live on YouTube. It is now made possible and it’s a good way to reach global audience.

9.Add Some Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects to Your Videos

The audio library of YouTube is packed with good quality music and sounds. It is a good resource for anyone who wants to add more flare to videos.

10.Upload 360-Degree Videos on YouTube

360-degree videos have exploded in YouTube since their debut last 2015. Many people and companies are using this feature to provide breathtaking videos.

11.Take Advantage of Subtitles

If you want to watch a particular video with a different language, you can take advantage of the subtitle feature of YouTube.

If you’re bored with the basics of YouTube, level up your experience by doing those hacks and tricks. These will surely make your time worthwhile whenever you are using YouTube for whatever reason you have in mind.

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